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Nick Sanders has motorcycled around the world 6 times and is presently on his 7th world tour. He is the most experienced extreme motorcycle adventurer in the world. His journeys include 2 speed circumnavigations, his latest in 19 days 3 hours in 2005. Nick has led group tours all over the world including 2 world tours when he took 22 riders on a 30,000 mile expedition in 2002 and 9 riders in 2004.

Nick has produced and filmed over 40 programmes about his travels for SKY TV and his programmes sell in several broadcast areas around the world. His latest books; Fastest Man Around the World, Journey Beyond Reason, Loneliness of the Long Distance Biker and Biker Britain are available on this site.

There are various works in progress such as the DVD for Biker Britain, the film and book of his latest journey to Timbuktu and the 'directors cut' of an earlier work; Fastest Man Around the World.

Nick has 3 children and lives in Wales.

Journey Beyond Reason

As you may know from the SV1000 forum I travelled to Morocco with Nick on one of his tours, and I'm now delighted to be able to offer you this chance to buy the book and/or DVD of the story of his record-breaking round the world trip in 2005.

Nick sanders compulsive adventurer and restless wanderer rode 19,930 miles around the word on a 900cc Triumph Daytona in 31 days and 20 hours, setting a new Guinness record.


This is the story of the trip and what it did to Nickís head.

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Length: 2 hours 18 minutes

Format: DVD, High Definition


Paperback book

 DVD and book

Fastest Man Around The World

Nick Sanders compulsive adventurer and restless wanderer rode 19,930 miles around the word on a 900cc Triumph Daytona in 31 days and 20 hours in 1997, setting a new Guinness record.


This is the story of the trip and what it did to Nickís head.

Paperback book

Motorcycle Diaries Volume 1

Loneliness Of The Long Distance Biker is the first volume of Nick's memoirs that begins to tell his tale.

Based on his travels in 2004 it refers back to his autobiographical elements of his life that throw light onto why he has become an icon in his field. It could also be seen as a love story it is a story about his family and his loves.

Itís about life on the road that stretched for thousands of miles; months that turned into years.

Itís a story about an ordinary man who tried to do something different with his life.

Paperback book

In search of the Dakar Rally & Timbuktu

'In Search of the Dakar Rally and Timbuktu' is Nick's latest film and records two journeys across Africa; the first by a group of ordinary riders, who, by the nature of their bravery and sense of adventure became heroes for the moment. The other story touches on the heroic efforts of racers riding on the world's toughest motorcycle off-road event.
The journey to Timbuktu deals with the usual difficulties of riders being away from home, journeying across harsh terrain in a vastly different culture, and experiencing life far removed from the comforts they are used to. The race to Dakar highlights similar issues and gives a simple overview of how both types of journey, in this superb Nick Sanders film, illustrate how motorcycling invokes a wonderful passion in everyone connected with it.

Length: 1 hours 57 minutes


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You know about Nick Sanders Ė fastest man to ride around the world on a bike solo, leader of global bike tours and all-round adventure motorcyclist.

Biker Britain is his latest project, but this time the world traveller stays at home to explore the world of biking in Britain. Riding a Yamaha XT660R, he rides over Hardknott Pass to the TT and Mad Sunday. He visits the NorthWest 200 and Thundersprint, Beaulieuís Motorcycle World and the Horizons Unlimited rally. He meets racers like Maria Costello, overlanders, adventurers and Wall of Death riders; all of them part of the rich motorcycle life that makes up Biker Britain. All thatís backed up by superb photography in this big format book, with contributions from respected motorcycle journalists like Julian Ryder, Peter Henshaw and Marc Potter. Plus potted profiles of well known UK bikers Ė from Joey Dunlop to Lawrence of Arabia Ė bikersí routes and places to go.

 Biker Britain Ė a Motorcycle Nation uncovered

*60 000 words      *240 pages       *Over 400 colour photos 

Please note to buy this book you will need to contact Nick here.