SV1K3-/DL1K3- PAIR removal kit

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The PAIR system feeds air into the exhaust to aid in the combustion of unused fuel. The system was designed to improve emissions, but it can cause a problem with race cans or many aftermarket cans.  You may experience popping through the exhaust and occasional backfiring through the air box. The elimination of the system will fix this problem, and also saves weight. One way is to plug where the valve draws air from in the air box and leave the rest of the system in place, but this kit will allow you to remove the full system and save about pound of useless weight.

Full fitting instructions are provided with the kit.

SV1000S K3 > K7
SV1000 K3 > K7
DL1000 K3>

28.00 + P&P


This is what you get in one full kit
pair1.jpg (24666 bytes)
The stuff you remove
pair4.jpg (10378 bytes)
Where the blanking plates fit


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Due to popular demand you can now buy the PAIR block off plates on their own.14.65 + P&P
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