SV1000 sundry extra bolts

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2 M8 X 30mm socket head allen bolts plus washers to hold front fairing and clock bracket under ignition barrel fig 4.

1 X M6 X 20mm socket head allen bolt plus washer to hold electrical cable clip left hand side on head stock

4 x M6 X 20 button head flanged allen bolts with 4 18mm penny washers to hols on rear plastics under the seats.

2 x M6 X 30mm socket head allen bolts with washers to hold rectifier in place left hand side of bike fig 2

3 x M6 X 10mm socket head allen bolts to hold cooling fan behind radiator fig 3

1 x M6 X 20mm flanged button head to hold lower oil cooler cover in place.

2 x M6 X 25mm socket allen head bolts to hold oil pressure switch in place right hand side behind oil cooler fig 1

3.00 + P&P
Fig 1

Fig 2

Fig 3

Fig 4