K3- SV650 Stainless bolt kit

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Full bike stainless bolt kit for SV650 K3 on, includes: 

Left hand handlebar clamp       1 bolt
Right hand handlebar clamp    1 bolts
Right hand front brake reservoir 1 button head bolt flanged
Right hand front brake reservoir 1 Allen bolt
Front fork r/h side brake pipe clamp   1 Allen bolt triple pipe
Front fork l/h side cable clamp 2 bolts
Oil cooler bracket   2 Allen bolts 2 penny washers
Oil cooler support 2 Allen flanged button bolts
Oil cooler cover 1 flanged button head
Fork pinch bolt    1 Allen bolts 1 washer
Bottom yoke cover 1-flanged button head
Brake pipe clamp under yoke 1 bolt + washer
Expansion tank l/h side flanged button head 1 bolt
Radiator 3 mounts 3 penny washers 3 spring washers
Side stand switch 2 bolts  + 2 washers
Chain runner swingarm flanged button head bolt 1
Gear change arm 1bolt
Chain guard 2 flanged button head bolts
Rear brake pipe clamp swing arm 1 flanged button head
Rear shock protector 1 flanged button head
Radiator filler cap bracket 2 bolts 2 washers
Starter motor 2 bolts
Radiator fan 2 bolts 2 washers
Cable clamp l/h side forward frame 1 bolt and washer

Engine l/h side         13 Allen bolts
Engine r/h side         21 Allen bolts

Total: 66 bolts   17 washers

Tools required:
4mm/5mm/8mm hexagon Allen keys.
" & " ratchet drives with short and long extensions.
8mm 10mm 12mm 13mm 14mm sockets.
Metric ruler.
Recommend Copaslip (Molyslip) is used when replacing bolts.

27.00 +P&P