SV650 Stainless Bolts Bike kit

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Full bike stainless bolt kit for sv650 pre k3, includes 70 bolts and 21 washers as follows:

Left hand handle bar clamp bolt.
Right hand handle bar clamp bolt.
Right hand handle bar clamp bolt.
Front brake reservoir flanged button head bolt.
Front brake reservoir 1 Allen bolt.
Radiator 3 mounts + 3 m6 penny washers 3 spring washers.
Starter motor 2 bolts.
Rear brake pipe clamp on swingarm 1 bolt.
Rubber chain runner bolt + 1 m6 penny washer.
Chain guard button flanged + 2 m6 penny washers.
Rear shock protector 1 bolt.
Pinch bolts bottom of forks bolts.
Speedo cable bolt left fork bolt.
Brake pipe clamps both forks flanged bolts + two penny washers.
Brake pipe clamp under triple clamp 1 bolt.
Horn bracket 1 bolt.
Under tray bolts + 4 m6 penny washers.
Rear brake caliper 2 bolts + 2 m8 washers.
Front mudguard 4 bolts.
L/h engine bolts kit 13 bolts see separate list.
R/h engine bolts kit 24 bolts see separate list.
71 bolts in total plus 25 assorted washers all high grade stainless steel hexagon socket head / allen bolts.

Tools required:
4mm/5mm/8mm hexagon Allen keys.
" & " ratchet drives with short and long extensions.
8mm 10mm 12mm 13mm 14mm sockets.
Metric ruler.
Recommend Copaslip (Molyslip) is used when replacing bolts.

34.00 + P&P